New TIPSOL campaign for trucks and buses

The road police brigades of several European countries, grouped in the International Organization of Traffic Police (Tispol), will carry out a new control campaign for road transport of both goods and travelers.

The General Directorate of Traffic, through the Traffic Association of the Civil Guard joins the campaign to control vehicles used to transport goods and people (Operation Truck and Bus) that the International Traffic Police Organization (TISPOL) turn on.

The campaign began on Monday 18 and will end on Sunday, February 24 and it is expected that 27 member countries of Tispol will participate.
The focus will be on excesses of speed, hours of driving and rest, tachograph, excess weight, technical defects of vehicles, they will verify that the vehicle and driver’s documentation is correct, that driving is not carried out under the influence of alcohol or other drugs or that all occupants of the vehicle use the safety belt .., etc.

But it will also control and punish the growing problem of distraction in traffic by the banned use of mobile phones.

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